There are a number of advantages of using poles over ladders and the traditional squeegee.

  • It is a great deal safer as in most cases cleaning can be accomplished from ground level or secure areas above ground level.
  • Surfaces can be reached with a pole that are difficult, dangerous or impossible to access from a ladder i.e. windows over conservatories.
  • Movements between upper story windows generally take less time as no ladder has to be taken down or moved to clean each window.

We currently operate a number of poles, the largest a lightweight carbon fibre unit has a reach of 17 metres (56 feet). Mounted on the poles are soft lightweight brushed which contain nozzles through which the water is delivered. The water is fed to the brush head through a small bore plastic tube which is either threaded up the centre of the pole of wrapped round it. Shaped goosenecks can be fitted to the end of the poles allowing the brush to reach over difficult overhangs.

The pole we most commonly use (shown above) is a four section glass fibre telescopic unit with a maximum reach of 5.2 metres (17 feet). This pole is adequate for most domestic work and can be used on buildings up to 2 stories in height. Due to its telescopic construction it can be rapidly adjusted to any height within its range.

Our longest pole (pictured above) with a reach of 17 metres consists of carbon fibre sections which have to be fitted together as the pole is raised. Over a given length it is much lighter than the glass fibre pole and this enables it to be used for work at much greater heights. It allows us to cover buildings 5 to 6 stories in height, from the ground.

The water is pumped from a tank in our van and delivered to the brush head by micro bore hose. Our current configuration allows us to operate up to 100 metres from the van.

Our personnel are also qualified to operate scissor lifts and cherry pickers which allows us to undertake the cleaning of taller buildings or areas with difficult ground floor access.