Our Vans

We currently operate 2 vans which both carry large storage tanks. The larger van has a tank with a capacity of 850 litres which provides enough water to keep two operatives supplied for a full working day. We also have a large 1000 litre holding tank which can be used to quickly replenish the tanks in the vans. Both vans carry hoses which can extend up to 100 metres which is more than adequate for most situations. The water is delivered to the brush head by a 12 volt diaphragm pump powered by an 85 amp hour deep cycle battery which is isolated from the vans main electrical system. The smaller van operates a single pump unit but can be adapted to support two hoses if required. The larger van supports two pump units and normally carries two 100 metre micro bore hoses on stand alone reels.

The larger van normally carries the trolley unit and can also carry the water purification unit allowing extra pure water to be produce on site if required.