Pure water cleaning

The water used in our pole fed systems is extremely pure and is obtained by passing ordinary tap water through a reverse osmosis filter which removes most of the impurities. Before it is finally used for cleaning it is pumped through a deionizing unit which removes any remaining contaminates.

The water is fed from a tank in our van by a pump via a hose and delivered to the window through nozzels in a special soft brush. Windows are initially scrubbed to dislodge any stubborn dirt particles then rinsed down to flush away any residual dirt. Even though droplets remain on the window after we have finished cleaning as there are no impurities in the water when they evaporate no residue is left behind to mark the glass. Several cleaning sessions may be required before the best results are achieved due to cleaning solutions that may have been used previously.

Only relatively small amounts of water are used in the cleaning process and this will either dry in situ or fall to the ground. As the water contains no chemicals it will not harm plants or animals.